Lenovo Thinkpad X230S X240S 45N1116 45N1117 laptop battery


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Battery Type 11.1V
Battery Volt 24Wh
Battery Capacity Black
Compatible Models 20AH000ECD, ThinkPad X230s, ThinkPad X230s-20AH000ECD, ThinkPad X240s, ThinkPad X240s(20AJ000JCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJ000KCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJ000VCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJ003BCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJ003ECD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJ003TCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJ003WCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJ0040CD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA03NCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA03PCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA04VCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA050CD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA055CD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA05WCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA05XCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA05YCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA063CD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA064CD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJA06FCD), ThinkPad X240S(20AJA07SCD), ThinkPad X240s(20AJS01600), ThinkPad X240s(20AK000ECD), ThinkPad X240s(20AKA00700), ThinkPad X240s(20AKA00800), ThinkPad X240s(20AKA00900), ThinkPad X240s(20AKA00A00), ThinkPad X240s(20AKA00B00), ThinkPad X240s(20AKA00CTO), ThinkPad X240s(31P20AJA04HCD), ThinkPad X240s-7VCD, ThinkPad X240s-7WCD

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Compatible Part Numbers(P/N):

45N1117, 45N1116

Tags: ThinkPad


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Lenovo Thinkpad X230S X240S 45N1116 45N1117 laptop battery

Lenovo Thinkpad X230S X240S 45N1116 45N1117 laptop battery

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